Equine Undergraduate Industries, Disciplines, and Sciences Club

The EqUIDS club is open to all UT students regardless of major. The club functions to provide opportunities for students sharing a common interest in horses and other equids while promoting education and leadership through organized activities related to horsemanship and industry. The EqUIDS club works alongside the Tennessee Collegiate Horsemen’s Association, a chapter of the American Collegiate Horsemen’s Association, to:

  • Generate industry partnerships
  • Provide integrated research-Extension projects
  • Cultivate unique internship and employment opportunities specific to UT students
  • Expand the UT Equine Program to encompass representation and support from the statewide industry and stakeholders

The UT Horse Judging Team provides students with the opportunity to travel to various competitions and evaluate different breeds of horses. Students evaluate and place classes of horses. Then, students defend their selections through oral reasons while competing against other universities across the country. Students enroll in ANSC 461 as a prerequisite for participation on the team.