Our Team


Jennie Ivey Profile Page
Jennie Ivey
Associate Professor
Specialty: Equine nutrition and exercise physiology
Gary Edward Bates Profile Page
Gary Edward Bates
Professor & Department Head
Specialty: forage production
Aaron Eugene Fisher Profile Page
Aaron Eugene Fisher
Extension Specialist III
Specialty: Youth Livestock Extension Programs
Lacey Johnston Profile Page
Lacey Johnston
Senior Lecturer
Specialty: Equine behavior and equitation science; companion and exotic animal management
Lew Strickland Profile Page
Lew Strickland
Associate Professor
Kevin Wendal Thompson Profile Page
Kevin Wendal Thompson
Research Center Director

Graduate Students

Sawyer Chance Main Profile Page
Sawyer Chance Main
Extension Assistant I
Delaney Rose Rostad Profile Page
Delaney Rose Rostad
Guest Traveler

Undergraduate Students

Madeline Blythe Ashburn Profile Page
Madeline Blythe Ashburn
UT Student Assistant

Work Group Members

Tonya G. Bain Profile Page
Tonya G. Bain
Extension Area Specialist III
Specialty: 4-H Youth Development programming in Crockett County
Sarah Elizabeth Keenan Profile Page
Sarah Elizabeth Keenan
Extension Agent III
Specialty: 4-H Youth & ANR
Larry J Mitchell Profile Page
Larry J Mitchell
Ext Agent III & Co Dir
Danielle Larae Pleasant Profile Page
Danielle Larae Pleasant
TSU-Extension Agent II
Specialty: 4-H Youth Development Agent also has a Bachelor’s of Science in Equine Studies
F Neal Smith Profile Page
F Neal Smith
Extension Program Leader II

The UT Equine Program would not be possible without the county extension agents located in all 95 counties of Tennessee. They serve as the front door to the University.