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Tennessee Master Horse Program

The driving force behind the Tennessee Master Horse Program (TMHP) is to raise the level of education and improve overall success of horse owners and producers within the state. Additionally, by improving management practices and providing the opportunity for intellectual growth, equine producers and business owners can continue to expand this vital portion of Tennessee agriculture. By providing science-based, objective information, families, youth, and the community can generate or continue to build upon their existing knowledge base and ensure success of the equine industry for years to come.

This educational program is designed to provide a foundation of science-based equine nutrition, management, and environmental information applicable to all horse owners and those interested in equine well-being. TMHP uses a combination of classroom discussion and hands-on teaching to cover a wide variety of equine-related topics to equip attendees with the knowledge needed to implement best management practices on their operations and improve equine care.

Core Modules

Completion of core modules is required by each participant.

Supplemental Modules

Participant must complete at least two supplemental modules to complete the program requirements.

Modules include Youth Program, Developing Training Programs, Equine Senses, Communication and Herd Behavior, Stereotypical Behavior, Equine Law and Liability, and Hot Topics

Hot topics can change with the needs of the industry. Past topic modules included drought management, emergency response, truck and trailer safety, and COVID-19 resources.

Contact your county Extension Office ​to determine if a program is being planned for your area, or to express interest in a future program!