Course Information for – ANSC 485: Equine Management
people standing with a horse

This course integrates the principles of responsible equine ownership, health care, nutrition, physiology, genetics, reproduction, and behavior into complete production and management programs. Topics include care, management, and feeding of broodmares, stallions and growing equids, performance horses, and senior animals. Students complete a comprehensive care and management plan for an assigned project horse over the course of the semester.

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Course Information for – ANSC 493: Independent Study

Independent study is an approved supervised opportunity to improve or enhance a student’s learning, including assisting in research, teaching, and Extension. Equine-specific opportunities are often coordinated through Dr. Ivey with varied experiences based on the student’s interests, abilities, and current programmatic needs.

Course Information for – ANSC 496: Equine Industries
people standing in front of horse statue

This course introduces students to issues facing the racing, stock, performance, and international equine industries. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of current events, career options, equine welfare, and the impact of the equine industry on the country’s economy. Classroom and hands-on course components are strengthened by an industry trip where students are provided the opportunity to network and gain first-hand knowledge of the selected industry. Equine Industries (ANSC 496) can be used to satisfy the internship requirement of the Animal Industries concentration.

Animal Science Courses That Contain Equine Content

Many of the courses taught by the Animal Science Department cover equine-specific material alongside fundamental knowledge needed to be an animal scientist. Learn more about our courses that contain equine content below. For more details, visit the Catalog for Animal Science course listings.

ANSC 220: Animal Anatomy and Physiology

ANSC 250: Introduction to Animal Handling and Management

ANSC 320/328: Reproductive Physiology and Lacation

ANSC 330/338: Comparative Animal Nutrition

ANSC 340/348: Animal Breeding and Genetics

ANSC 360: Equine and Food Animal Evaluation

ANSC 380/388: Animal Health Management

ANSC 420: Advanced Reporductive Techniques

ANSC 461: Advanced Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Horse, Poultry, Sheep and Swine Judging